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Stalker's Poll: Does Superman need another restart?

Superman.jpgTwo Stalker's Polls to catch up on as the new one for the Ghostbusters reboot/sequel goes live, the first was about Superman and if he really does need another restart after Bryan Singer brought him back to life in Superman Returns (Filmstalker review).

Now though they're talking about restarting the entire franchise again, yes again after this one film restart. So you had your say on whether you wanted another Superman film or not, and the results are surprisingly split.

I thought Bryan Singer's version was actually very close in feeling to the original Superman films and it did a really good job, of course there were problems, like the silly thread with with family issues, but for the most part it was good and I don't really need to see another restart, however a fair amount of you do.

What's interesting about the poll results though is what came in second place. With a restart being the most popular, close behind was the belief that the Superman franchise is dead.

Here are the results of the Stalker's Poll on Does Superman need another restart?

39% - Yes
31% - Superman's dead
26% - No
3% - "just bring part two with action!!", "", "Yes .. as does Smallville :-P"

So it looks like most of you want to restart the franchise, or just leave it be. I'm with the minority saying that they should keep going as they are. I think another Bryan Singer film with the focus away from the family storyline would be the way forward. That's not shared by the majority of the readers though.



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