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Star Trek images online

StarTrekCrew.jpgThe first official stills have been released for Star Trek and they've been scattered across the interflab to all those sites that are studio friendly and have many more visitors than sites like us, the ones without the official images.

No matter, I've grabbed a little version of the crew picture here and I'm linking through to the rest for you. However, I have to say that I have a few mixed feelings with these images, and I'm trying to fight them off.

StarTrekStill1.jpgNow this is perhaps the first thing that raised my hackles, Spock looking rather angry, and at the same time he's having a good go at Captain Kirk - isn't he a Vulcan in control of his emotions? However I took a look at it, thought about it and realised that of course he would be more emotional as he was younger, as he learned to deal with his human side. Okay, I accept that he looks just like Sylar.

StarTrekStill2.jpgHere's the new villain of the film, played by Eric Bana and looking pretty cool and very mean.

StarTrekStill3.jpgThe speculation here is that Kirk and Bones have been fighting, well considering their relationship in the future that's not a great surprise really. Take a look at the background bridge though, it looks superb.

StarTrekStill4.jpgNot the Enterprise we believe, but most likely the one before it, the one that Kirk looses.

StarTrekStill5.jpgSpeaking of Kirk having lost it, here he is on an ice planet having escaped in a pod marked "NCC-1701"...wait a minute...

Well the stills are looking good for Star Trek and I think I've managed to shake off any negativity I was having, except for one, the full size main crew one you can see in the title of the post.

Have a look through the rest of the full size images by selecting each one, all found through Cinema Blend, and see what you think.

For me though there's just something not right about looking at that cast, really it just doesn't look right. Oh sure the line up of Chekov, Kirk, Scotty, McCoy, Sulu and Uhura look very similar to the original actors, but it just doesn't look or feel right to me, and this is going to be a big issue that people are going to have to get over, and right now I don't know if I can.



yes i can see the problem- the single character pics carry certain exciting weight but the team photo looks lost- like a still for a new soap opera set in a hospital rather than Kirk and team -it is going to take some heavy duty doses of classic trek to get used to this new team.

So, since this is an Abrahams production, they'll be boldly going where no Star Trek has gone before ... on and on without an inkling of purpose until the third act, when they finally realize they have to wrap the whole mess up. I'm guessing this will have less substance than Star Trek Nemesis, and be more drawn out than the first Trek film. Bah.

Doc you hit the nail on the head for me, you really managed to capture what I was trying to understand about those pictures.

I just felt there was something wrong and couldn't articulate it.


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