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Statham joins Rourke and Riley in 13 remake

JasonStatham.jpgJason Statham is an underrated actor as far as I'm concerned, and although it's great to see him continuing in the Transporter series and other action heavy movies, there is a part of me that wants to see him in more films like The Bank Job (Filmstalker review), because the guy can act.

However he needs more meatier roles and his signing to 13, the remake of the French film 13 Tzameti, could just prove to be one of those.

He's joining Sam Riley who is already cast in Géla Babluani's English language remake of his own film, and with him come the daftly named 50 Cent and Mickey Rourke.

Although I haven't been blown away by Cent, I have been surprised that the guy can act. Although really that's not surprising as rappers tend to be playing a part for their on screen persona anyway, so they should be able to carry that forward onto the big screen.

However it's the Jason Statham news from Variety that really has me interested. He's a great onscreen character, but his roles to date have been all action based and not exactly blockbusters, still they have a good following, and he's been proving himself time and time again.

With him starring next to Riley and Rourke in a remake of such a strong and well regarded film, remade by the original director no less, has to be a good sign.

13 tells the story about a man who overhears a conversation that changes his life. He hears that another man is to deliver a package in return for a large amount of money, however before he can he is killed. The lead of the film, Riley, assumes his identity and heads out to deliver the package in the hope of making the money for himself.

Things go wrong and it turns out that there's more to this than an overheard conversation, soon he's embroiled in an underground world where groups gamble on the fate of other men's lives, and it seems he's the latest gamble.

Statham isn't hedging his bets though seeing as he's just released Death Race and Transporter 3 is on the cards too.

More dramatic roles though, come on and give the guy a chance.



I can't help thinking this is a terrible idea, even if Géla Babluani is returning as director. The original was a superb piece of film making, and I can't help think that a US remake will destroy the charm and tension that the original had.

These casting choices don't fill me with much hope either. Rourke could be good, but Statham and "Fiddy" I have little hope for. Sam Riley has a lot to live up too as well.

Well I haven't seen the film, but some English language remakes have turned out okay in recent years, see Funny Games by Michael Henke, he's done both versions and the English language one is pretty damn close to the original.

Sam Riley may be new, but he's a strong actor, and Statham defintely has potential. I'm with you on Cent though, he's had some promising early roles but can he really deliver?


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