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Tennis star Tilden biographical film

BillTilden.jpgI was reading the announcement about a film based on the novel Big Bill: The Triumphs and the Tragedy (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which tells the story of Bill Tilden, a famous tennis playing star from the 1920's and I barely raised an eyebrow. It wasn't that exciting.

Then I read about the man himself and his life, and suddenly I got interested. There's much more to the man than just tennis, and the story is a little darker than it might first appear.

Bill Tilden was a tennis star from the U.S. in the 1920's. He was at the top of his game winning six straight U.S. Open singles titles and becoming the first American to win at Wimbledon. However don't be thinking that this is just going to be a film about tennis.

He was also a contract bridge champion, an accomplished musician, novelist, playwright and even an actor. Now for the interesting bit. He was also very self-destructive, something that he was rather famous for, and he went to jail twice for sexual acts with teenage boys.

Now that sounds a lot more interesting than a straight biographical film about a tennis player doesn't it?

According to Variety, Frank Deford wrote the novel and also the screenplay, and although no names are mentioned in relation to directors or leads, I have a thought at who could play him. Actually I have two.

Jude Law or better still, Rupert Everett. Actually the more I think about it the more I think Everett might be right for the role, he even looks the part. However I doubt it will go to such an actor and with the material it might not garner such notice.

Does the idea of an all round sports star turned bad interest you enough to go and see the film? Would you need a big actor on board too? Would you prefer Russell Crowe and his bad boy image to be associated with the character?



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