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The Avengers cast update

JonFavreau.jpgMarvel have released a statement which confirms what we already knew about Iron Man 2, but also gives us some new news on The Avengers. After a fairly long wait, they have confirmed that Robert Downey Jr and Jon Favreau are coming back for Iron Man 2.

But they have also given some new information on who will also be working on The Avengers.

It took a while after Iron Man, before we heard that Jon Favreau was working on the sequel with Robert Downey Jr. But now Marvel Studios have confirmed that this is the case. However, they have also confirmed that Robert Downey Jr will be playing Tony Stark in The Avengers, and Jon Favreau will also be executive producer. We also have confirmation that Don Cheadle is taking over the role of Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes. Not only in Iron Man 2 but also The Avengers film, and any future Iron Man films too.

The news is from Coming Soon. All stuff we knew, but it is good to know that Jon Favreau will have some involvement in The Avengers. I wonder if Edward Norton will be following suit soon. Are you on board with The Avengers? Would you have preferred Jon Favreau to direct.



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