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The Uninvited trailer

TheUninvited.jpgWe have a trailer for the American film The Uninvited. It's a remake of the Korean horror film, Jhanghwa Hongryeon. And stars Elizabeth Banks and Emily Browing.

A teenage girl returns home after the death of her mother, and finds not only Dad's new girlfriend, but a ghost and a secret.

In The Uninvited, the young girl spends some time in a mental institution following the death of her mother in a fire. She and her sister are suspicious of their Dad's new girlfriend, and think she may have committed a crime in the past. Add to that the appearance of the ghost of her mother, and you have what looks like a pretty good horror film. I might have to check out the original.

The trailer is below courtesy of IGN.



Looks like intriguing cross-national inspiration.

Nice effects, but will Hollywood just push it over the top again and lose the subtle side of Asian horror?


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