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Tim Burton for Pirates 4?

TimBurton.jpgSo far all the news we have on Pirates of the Caribbean 4, is that Johnny Depp is going to be back. Now rumours are out about a potential director, should Gore Verbinski be busy with Bioshock. And it's Tim Burton.

Not only that but some rumours about potential storylines are out. And it could involve Russell Brand, Richard will be pleased.

Johnny Depp is coming back for Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and rumours are already out on the film. Cinema Blend, through Jo Blo, say that should Gore Verbinski be tied up, Tim Burton could well direct. I suppose it's an easy connection to make, Depp and Burton team up a lot. I wonder that Burton would do with a Pirates film.

The next rumour, also to be taken with a pinch of salt, revolves around the plot. It could be that in the next film Jack Sparrow will have a brother. And he could be played by either Sacha Baron Cohen or Russell Brand.

So there we go. All rumour at this stage, but what do you think. Would a new director and the new character be good news for the Pirates franchise?



Actually now I've watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall I'm thinking he has something to offer film.

It doesn't sound like Burton to do a sequal to a film series already established by another director, that is so far in with three films. I might be wrong, but I can't see it happening to be honest.


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