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Travolta's latest film burns in Paris

JohnTravolta.jpgJohn Travolta's latest film, From Paris With Love, has had to be cancelled after it met some rather unexpected trouble while shooting in France, and once it did the production packed up and left the suburb of Montfermeil losing jobs for locals and a bit of international recognition for the area.

Now the recognition is for violence and vandalism as the production up and left after ten production cars were set on fire and destroyed.

Pierre Morel is directing the film which is written Luc Besson and Adi Hasak, and starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and the film sounded superb too. A young embassy employee getting pulled into an unknown world by an America spy.

It has an interesting base to it, but with Travolta playing that spy and Meyers playing the embassy employee with a script by Besson, well it's got to be something good.

However it looks like Montfermeil is going to be missing out on all the action as after ten cars got destroyed by arsonists, as according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film was carrying a US $55 million budget and was set for eleven weeks of filming around the city of Paris.

The mayor of the town is disappointed, after all some ninety extras were set to be employed by the production, and that's just while they were in the suburb.

I would imagine that the insurance company would have demanded that they get the production out of there immediately, and not just for the cost, if Travolta was filming there you can imagine that the production and insurance companies got very nervous.

It's a shame for Montfermeil, although it wasn't a great deal, ninety jobs for a short shoot is something, and it would inject excitement, some positivity, a short cash injection, and a little worldwide recognition, and now it's gone.

Hopefully the production is just moving locations and the shoot will continue elsewhere, but the article doesn't make it sound too positive.

You have to wonder why people are so destructive and especially when it has such negative results.



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