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Twilight sequel already?

Twilight.jpgThe rumours are all across the interflab, there's going to be a sequel to Twilight, which isn't really surprising considering the hype that the film is receiving already, the fact that the books are doing so well and that there are four of them already, and that the soundtrack from the film is already hitting the top five best-selling albums lists (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) and it's not even released. However the biggest thing is that the film cost so little to make.

Yet the film hasn't been seen by an audience yet, so there's still no telling it would be a success, despite the love for the books and the hype for the film.

Personally I haven't found anything that has grabbed me about the film and the story, and while sites are clammering over getting the stories online to grab visitors, I've been less than impressed and not really mentioned much about it, until now.

The hype for Twilight is growing and growing, and when you hear that the studio are seriously beginning to look at a sequel before the first film is even released, then you know you might be onto something special, or at least above the norm. Of course saying that there have been tons of films that have garnered sequels before they've had their opening weekend, and some of them have been stinkers. Hollywood is not adverse to making rubbish you know and continuing with it despite lacklustre returns.

However here they see a captive market and a huge fan base, as well as the low budget, and they see an opportunity to make money and kick off a franchise filled with merchandising opportunities. From the sequel rumour story on Deadline Hollywood Daily through Jo Blo, the word is that the calendar for the film, which has already been released, sold out from the printer in just a few days. Apparently it has the fastest selling merchandise run since Harry Potter - do I smell a francise? The money men do.

According to the story the studio's CEO Rob Friedman is already on the case and beginning the paperwork on a sequel to Twilight.

The novel series has been reaching number one on the best-selling lists too, and gathering profits galore as well as hitting worldwide markets with similar success. Surely it's built in to the contract that if there's the vaguest whiff of some profit then the sequels will roll in?

The author Stephanie Meyer is already keen for her novels to be adapted into a franchise, who wouldn't be? There's a lot of money to be had and each film is automatic advertising.

How do you feel about the series, and even before the first film do you think that they should be going ahead with a sequel and possible franchise? Is Twilight really that good?



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