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Underworld 3 trailer online

RhonaMitra.jpgThe trailer for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is online. This is the third in the series of Underworld films, but is an origin film. The trailer was online previously, but was illegal and therefore difficult to watch.

Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy are back, and Rhona Mitra takes over from Kate Beckinsale. Head inside for a look at the trailer.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, tells of the beginning of the feud between the Lycans (Werewolves) and the Vampires. The Lycans find themselves enslaved to the Vampires, but one of them begins to fight back.

I've managed to miss the first two, they are still languishing in my rental queue. But it looks like if I wait a bit longer I can watch them all in order. The trailer below, from Rope of Silicon, looks great. Take a look and see what you think.



Oh my lord, that's superb! There I was thinking that this might be the weakest of the franchise and it looks like it might actually be the strongest.

That trailer really does get you hyped up and the action looks superb. I doubt this franchise is stopping at movie number three.

this video is amazing.
im speechless.
i was shocked when i heard marilyn manson's song in the trailer.
then i also heard some of the same sounds that are played on 30 DAYSOF NIGHT, which is totally awesome.!
i wanna watch the movie now!!
i might cry though, couse its probably going to be the last one.
i wanna know what happened to selene & michael though.
hopefully there's a 4th one......and 5th one..jk
just a 4th one with selene & michael in it.
mann! thanx a lot to the person who posted this vid.
you shall go to heaven!! ( or underworld, if you prefer) jk.
i love you!
thankyou very very very very much!

It seems that everyone is enjoying this trailer, as I have too. This has made me want to watch the previous two in preparation!

[Replays trailer]

Wow. That's a lot better than what I expected.

I'm not sure if you intended it, but the article sounds as if Mitra took over as the character Selene which isn't the case.

Hi Hap. That wasn't intended.

I'm now moving the first two to the top of my rental queue though. Beginning to wonder exactly what I've been missing.

I think it's fair to say she's taking over the lead female role though, leather and all!


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