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Vacancy 2 trailer online

Vacancy.jpgWe have a trailer for Vacancy 2: The First Cut, which is actually a prequel to Vacancy. With the motel shut down after the first, and understandably so. This film tells the story of the earliest video found at the motel.

This looks like a typical sequel gone bad. Head inside for a look. I have to say, voiceover guy is working hard to get us all excited about this one.

Vacancy (Filmstalker review) starred Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, who played a couple who end up staying over night at a motel. Little do they know, that the owner the place is making snuff films for the black market. And the stars are the unsuspecting guests.

I really like the first, there were a few of those moments where you wanted to shout at the screen. But I like my horror films, and it was pretty damn good. For the sequel they are going back to the first snuff film made. Doesn't that make the ending even more predictable? The trailer is below from Arrow in the Head. The first half is a recap of Vacancy, which worries me slightly. Take a look and see what you think?



Not only is the first half all from the original film but the first line from an actor that's actually from the second film is terrible, it stinks. It might as well have been followed by a crash of lightning and a "Moohahahaha" laugh.

Bad stuff.

Oh dear!


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