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Wall Street sequel

GordonGekko.jpgI wrote just yesterday about how the time was right for a Wall Street sequel, releasing Gordon Gekko out into the world once again, but a world in financial crisis, a timely topic for a discussion feature. Well now it looks like it's actually happening.

The working title seems to be Money Never Sleeps, and I really do hope that's working and gets changed because frankly, it's rubbish.

Thankfully it must be temporary as there's not even a script yet. The news from The Hollywood Reporter is that Allan Loeb is being looked at to write the script.

What's intriguing is that the story says this will be a “page one rewrite” - now is it just me or does that smell strangely of remake to you?

Gekko is back, that's confirmed, and we've heard before that Michael Douglas would be keen to return to the role, but looking at his career of late I think the script would have to be pretty strong to get him back.

The other thing is that if he does return in the role it's hardly going to be a remake...unless it forgets the first film.

Perhaps they're talking about rewriting an existing script? That hardly matters if it's a sequel to the first, which I think would be much more interesting. Wouldn't you rather see Gekko come out of prison into this world and try to fight in this financial climate?



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