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What Just Happened? trailer online

RobertDeNiro.jpgThere's a complete trailer online for What Just Happened?, a film about Hollywood and starring some very big names indeed - Robert De Niro as a producer trying to hold together a film, Bruce Willis as himself, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro, Kristen Stewart, Sean Penn and the gorgeous Moon Bloodgood, Catherine Keener and Robin Wright Penn.

It comes from a book and screenplay written by Art Linson based on his own experiences in Hollywood, and is directed by the gifted Barry Levinson. Surely already you're hooked? If not watch this trailer and you will be.

What Just Happened? follows two weeks in the life of a fast fading Hollywood producer, played by Robert De Niro, who is really struggling to get his latest film made as everything, and everyone, is falling apart around him.

It looks really strong, and I love the pace and style of the trailer. We've already seen the moments of Bruce Willis playing himself and having a hairy fit on screen, that looks comedy gold, and his speech delivery later on seems perfectly timed.

However for me I think the winner here could be Robert De Niro as he looks like he's taking the lead in a strong film again, rather than sitting through lacklustre comedies ticking all the poor man's humour boxes.

What Just Happened? Looks like it could be really good, a slick satirical script, and great direction from Barry Levinson. Have a look at the trailer and see for yourself.



I'm actually tempted to see this. I'm glad to see De Niro's (sounds like a coffee house) career looking better at last!


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