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Closed: Win Under the Volcano on DVD

UndertheVolcano.jpgUnder the Volcano is a film from the legendary John Huston and starring the great Albert Finney who is said to have given one of the best performances of his career, and the film picked up nominations and awards through 1985.

Now I have three copies of the newly released DVD to give away in a simple to enter competition, all you have to do is a tiny little bit of thinking, and a bit of typing, followed by a bit of waiting. Easy.

Under the Volcano is adapted from the novel by Malcolm Lowry and follows the self destructive alcoholic British consul living in a small Mexican town through the local festival called the Day of Death while World War II begins to break out across in Europe.

While he continues to get himself drunk and wallow in self pity and loathing, his wife, played by Jacqueline Bisset, returns to try once again to rescue him from himself, and their marriage.

Albert Finney is a great actor, and John Huston is one of the great directors, and so this is surely something to be savoured, and I have a copy waiting to be reviewed.

Before I get to it though I have three copies to be given away, and you could win them.

Simply answer the following question and email me at competition@filmstalker.co.uk with the answer and your UK postal address - oh yes, you have to have a UK postal address to enter.

Here's the question:

John Huston's directorial debut was on a film starring Humphrey Bogart as a private eye tracking down a famous statuette. What's the name of the film?

The competition will close on the 27th of October 2008, so get entering. Good luck, and if you are even vaguely stuck, you have the Internet at your fingertips.



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