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World of Warcraft film still on

WorldofWarcraft.jpgAs one film bits the dust, another is still under development. The World of Warcraft films seems to have been on the go for a while. And now we have our yearly update on the film.

This one seems to be going along very slowly. Will we wait another year for more news?

It was at the BlizzCon festival last year that we got some news on the film of World of Warcraft. Back then they had big plans, and they involved big directors:

We're going to be looking for someone of [300 director Zak Snyder or Batman Begins director Chris Nolan's] caliber.

Setting their sights high indeed. Well after a year of silence you'd think we would be in for an update of note. Well maybe not. This years Blizz Con festival gives us this, through First Showing.net:

The script is being written but if they say anything more than that they will be shot.

Right. Well atleast it's still on the go. I've never played the game so I have no idea what to expect. From what little I've seen it could be something special. Any World of Warcraft fans out there? Do you want a film version?



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