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xXx:The Return of Xander Cage greenlit

xXx.jpgA little while ago we heard that Rob Cohen wanted to repair the damage done in the relationship between he and Vin Diesel and work together to create another xXx film with him returning to the lead.

Now the news is that the film is being made and the deals are in place, called xXx:The Return of Xander Cage, the film is being written, and we can only assume that Diesel and Cohen are now on speaking terms.

Previously we heard that Rob Cohen wanted to make good with Vin Diesel and get the franchise back on track. Then we heard that the sequel was underway as the producer Joe Roth returned to the franchise and was working on bringing the idea to reality.

The story from Collider has a comment from Rob Cohen himself on the status of the film, and he said:

“Yes, they're doing it with me and producer Joe Roth. We made the deal recently, it's named xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. We met the writers yesterday and we're trying to get into production by late spring, to have it out for the summer of 2010.”

I'm glad, because Diesel is xXx. I'm sure that there are others who could easily recreate the role and bring something new to the franchise, but it wasn't Ice Cube that's for sure, and that move cemented the link between Diesel and the xXx role.

The film itself was good fun, and I think rather under rated as action/adventure films go, plus there are a couple of great cars in it too. It's not that dumb as you might think either, there's some well thought through sequences and much less straight up action as you might think. If you haven't seen it you should give it a chance.

So the news that he's returning to the role is really good for the franchise and for action fans alike. However Cohen didn't mention that part. I hope that Vin Diesel is signed up and that the film's not going ahead with the hopes of securing him later on.



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