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Zack and Miri Make a Porno banned again

ZackandMiriPorno-Poster.jpgYou'd think that with the financial woes of the world, gun crime, ecological disaster, wars galore, the anally retentive sex-is-evil and my-children-were-purchased-rather-than-conceived lobby would have something else to worry about rather than the word “Porno”.

Apparently though they don't, and the biggest threat to our world today is this single word on the posters for Zack and Miri Make a Porno as complaints trickle in and posters are banned.

Just to put this in context the posters have hand drawn stick figures that show heads and shoulders of the two characters standing at either side of the billboard doing nothing, and the writing merely has the word Porno on it.

That's been enough to tip people over the edge according to Yahoo News.

“One complaint came from a man watching a game in September with his young son, who did not understand a suicide-squeeze bunt the Dodgers tried, [Josh] Rawitch [spokesman for the Dodgers] said...'He was explaining to his son what a squeeze bunt was. Commercial break, the ad comes on, and the kid asks, Dad, what does porno mean?'”

Why not use one of those stock answers you give when he asks about why the sky is blue? Why not just ignore it? What do you do when someone curses, kisses, what are you going to do when he asks you other difficult questions about sex? Phone the Dodgers?

“Rina Cutler, Philadelphia deputy mayor for transportation, said the stick-figure posters were cute and clever but unacceptable for bus shelters where schoolchildren would see the word "porno."

'If they want to call the movie Zack and Miri, that's fine, but Zack and Miri cannot make a porno on my bus shelters'...

...Diane Levin, an education professor specializing in child development at Boston's Wheelock College, said the posters at city bus stops send a message to children that working in the porn industry is an acceptable occupation.”

Oh, sorry I didn't realise that it wasn't acceptable, and who is it not acceptable to? The law, or some hung up minority?

Levin went on with her insanity:

“It's drawing attention to a movie which is mainstreaming and normalizing pornography, saying if you need money, this is what you do”

I haven't seen the film yet, sorry to take such an adult and open minded approach to this, so I can't really comment if it is an advertisement for the adult industry or a handbook on how to make pornography and therefore money, but I seriously doubt that's what it is, unless you want to read that into it and promote your own book off the back of the story.

Perhaps it's more acceptable to be in the scaremongering market selling books and making money for yourself by spouting such rubbish.

You have to wonder though, is it just because it's about sex? If it was a film about ruining peoples businesses and lives through business then that would be okay, or perhaps making money by selling drugs or guns to people that's fine, what about selling overseas wars, maybe that's okay too. Heaven forbid though that you mention anything about sex.

The poster is next to nothing and has a single word on it that is being taken as the meaning for the entire film. As the Weinstein marketing man said:

“It's a comedy. It's a joke. We're not advertising a porno. It's not a porno. The word `porno,' it's not supposed to turn you on. It's supposed to make you laugh.”

Did he not know comedy leads to children laughing? That's gotta be banned somewhere.



I completely disagree with you watering the argument down like that. It was wrong to include the word porno in the title. i don't care if its a joke, but its still advertising that porno can be acceptible, if its funny. you're watering it down because you want the world to be about sex, and think thats okay.

What? No one's watering it down because they want the world to be about sex, they're appealing to people's sense of humour - obviously not everyone's sense of humour, but the majority of people who aren't hung up about the most natural thing in the world. Comedy.


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