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Stalked:Zhang Ziyi, Unthinkable

Zhang Ziyi is to star in a romantic comedy.

And Unthinkable has some new cast members.

Zhang Ziyi is to star in a Chinese language romantic comedy called Sophie's Revenge. Ziyi has starred in a variety of different films since her first one, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Variety, say that the romantic comedy in China is not an established genre. This also means the film will not be a big budget affair.

Brandon Routh, Gil Bellows, Martin Donovan and Carrie-Anne Moss are joining Samuel L Jackson and Michael Sheen in Unthinkable. Moss we knew about, but the others are new additions. Some new details of the plot have emerged as well, Moss plays the head of an FBI team. She's in charge of Routh and Bellows. They are given the assignment by an FBI director (Donovan) to interrrogate an American Muslim, who claims to have three nuclear bombs planted in American cities. They are helped by a black-ops agent, played by Jackson. The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.



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