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13 gains Liotta and Winstone

RayWinstone.jpgThe remake of 13 Tzameti is really gaining an interesting cast as two hefty names join in the guise of Ray Liotta and the superb Ray Winstone.

That's a great cast, and while you might be upset at the idea of the remake happening, you have to admit that the cast is getting better and better and could really offer the remake something strong.

Géla Babluani is responsible for the English language remake of his own film 13 Tzameti, now titled 13, and already we've heard that Sam Riley, 50 Cent and Mickey Rourke are all on board.

Now Ray Winstone and Ray Liotta are joining to add some heavyweight muscle to the cast, a cast that I'm thinking sounds rather interesting. Sure it's not top class actors, but Winstone is excellent, Liotta can provide some really strong performances, and Statham has it in him to act alongside them all. Then, of course, there's Riley.

13 tells the story about a man who overhears a conversation that changes his life. He hears that another man is to deliver a package in return for a large amount of money, however before he can he is killed. The lead of the film, Riley, assumes his identity and heads out to deliver the package in the hope of making the money for himself.

Things go wrong and it turns out that there's more to this than an overheard conversation, soon he's embroiled in an underground world where groups gamble on the fate of other men's lives, and it seems he's the latest gamble.

Interestingly Coming Soon also have the parts that the cast will be playing and Jason Statham isn't up for an action role. He will be playing one of the men who bets on the competition, a wealthy, behind the scenes business man.

Ray Liotta is playing a policeman who's investigating the gambling operation, trying to bring them down.

With Sam Riley taking the lead, while both Ray Winstone and Mickey Rourke will play competitors in the competition. Winstone's character has been rescued from a mental institution to compete, Rourke is similarly sprung to compete but in his case from a Mexican prison.

50 Cent is playing an employee of the illegal gambling ring who is assigned to escort Rourke's character to the game.

It all sounds rather interesting, and that cast list is providing a few surprising choices that really could deliver something above average, especially considering the storyline and original director.



A movie that should've never been made into a full length feature in the first place. Would've worked well as a short. Now it's getting needlessly remade.


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