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2012 teaser disaster online

Earth-Meteor.jpgWow, how unimpressive is the 2012 trailer? Let me tell you, hugely. The opening shot made me think of 10,000 BC for a moment, then the rest of the shot I was thinking The Day After Tomorrow and wondering why it was happening, and was this the fable of the great flood all over again?

If so, wouldn't it be over very quickly and everyone in boats survive? Regardless it's a very poor teaser, although not effects wise, and does rely on the internet to get the excitement going.

You see that closing title says "Google Search: 2012" - interesting that they don't say internet search, Google has become the new Hoover - and they're relying on people going out, searching and getting all excited about what is promised as the end of the world.

My will those people be disappointed. My first hit was for the London Olympics, now that could well be a disaster. There's also a link to the Paralympics and one to petition the scrapping of the logo - how that worked.

Oh and there's some news results for Sarah Palin. Now aren't these the worst world disasters ever?

The rest on the first page are all different links about the end of the world and prophecies about it, apart from Wikipedia who have a great list of things happening that year, and we know that Wikipedia is far more accurate, so I'd stick with that.

What's actually interesting is searching through all this you find that there's a disagreement as to what 2012 will bring to humanity. Ignoring the many failed "end of the world" dates that have passed, this round of nuts and cultists believers are split themselves, some believe it will be a great disaster to destroy us all, and some believe it will be when we are all enlightened and raised to a new level. Anything to accept that we are finite and die.

Anyway, there's such a mixed bag of what will happen something will match up and someone will claim they're right, everything from asteroids or comets hitting Earth to psychic awakenings, aliens arriving to waking up and going to work again.

Actually I found a great explanation of it over on Gia Milimovich's blog, and a follow up video discussion about it from her husband, Professor Brian Cox - no not the actor, the professor! - who explains it in no uncertain terms. Okay, I officially like this bloke.

Anyway, here's the teaser trailer for 2012, which is rubbish if you ask me, however it's got me talking about 2012 and just how ridiculous it is, so perhaps the film will live up to that then. You can also see the trailer in high-definition over at Moviefone.

I'm really not impressed. So it's another big disaster moment and a few monks are getting killed, it doesn't get across the gravity of what the film is trying to convey. They could have made something a lot better than this.



I'm really not impressed either. I thought the beginning was too 10, 000 BC even though I haven't seen the film. I don't expect this film to be any good.

I don't think the world will end during 2012, I think we will be all enlightened and raised to a new level. Well that's what I'm told. And I believe it.

I could go on, but I'm at work...

2012 is a date symbolic with ancient mayan myth and present mystical groups who seem obsessed with 2012 as a revival of the old ways-Do i believe in this 2012? it depends -how many people thought that the beginning of the new millenium-2000 would be the end- i know quite a few who thought the computers-Terminator scenario was going to be a reality.the trailer is interesting rather than depict a church, synagogue or a mosque- we have a buddhist temple atop some jagged terrain-high above the land about to succumb to a tidal wave related to a co-star from The Day After Tomorrow. More to come- internet interest build up etc-the date 2012 doesnt really have any great significance in any of the three main religious scriptures-and not many people are aware of Mayan mythological calendars-so what we may have is another popcorn movie rather disguised as a warning for global warning to everyone and all faiths -hence the buddhist temple getting squiged by the wave-jury's out on this one-i'm with the professor on this one

The interesting thing is, Jesus said that the apocalypse will end within one generation i.e. 100 yrs, after the revival of israel 1948. This means there are only 40 yrs more to go, take away 30yrs of war and the establishment of the anti-christ kingdom, the start of the apocalypse should be within these 10 yrs, if jesus is right. The guesser of 2012 not only knows the revival but that 1948 is the actual date, and if he is satan, then satan is a very very good gusser better than even the son. Christians want to say that the date is given to make men rejoice and forget about the apocalypse when it doesn't get fulfilled, but generally mayans believers are non-christians who would not have believed in the apocalypse in the first place even if they didn't believe in the mayans. Thus I'm taking it that the mayans know God the father though they didn't know the son.


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