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Abba star says no Mamma Mia! Sequel

MammaMia.jpgBenny Andersson has said that there is no discussion of a Mamma Mia! Sequel although the studio would love one.

I find that rather surprising, Hollywood are usually so keen to enter into franchises off of successful films, why not with musicals? Especially the Abba based one?

Mamma Mia! the stage show and the film have been hugely successful and the film has earned the studio rather a tidy sum, so why wouldn't they be thinking of a sequel?

Dominic Cooper has already said that he's really keen to appear in the sequel, but knows that there's nothing happening, meanwhile on the BBC the former member of Abba Benny Andersson has said:

"There is no talk of a sequel..."

However he did say that the studio were keen, and that they...

"...would like a sequel because they're just flabbergasted at the success - more than anyone, I think"

As the BBC tell us, in the UK the film has become the highest grossing British film in UK cinema history with £67 million at the box office and still sitting in the top ten after some seventeen weeks of release. Now that's got to make a studio sit up and consider a sequel, hasn't it?

You would think that Abba might not be keen on putting their music onto a sequel though, not so according to Andersson, and if you read between the lines you'd actually think he's wanting it to happen, as when he talks of the screenwriter of Mamma Mia!, Catherine Johnson, he says:

"If she comes up with something, if she's keen on it, then maybe she'll call us."

That sounds positive to me, but the questions are will they do it, will the studio want to do it, and is there an audience demand out there for another sequel?

It's strange that Hollywood will plunder so many other idea streams for franchises, but musicals don't seem to be spawning many as yet. Could Mamma Mia! be the first?



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