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Another trailer for The Spirit online

TheSpirit_Poster.jpgThe trailers just keep coming today, this time with a new trailer for The Spirit from Frank Miller's first full directing job.

The Spirit is the story of a murdered cop reincarnated who sets out to free his city from the hoodlums that are trying to devour it, among them an evil gang lord called The Octopus.

The new trailer for The Spirit is rather short, but it gives us a little more story and a little more beef than the trailers and teasers have to date.

I found the trailer over at Coming Soon [Flash] through Latino Review, who are in agreement with something I said ages ago, it's like Sin City. Actually I don't think anyone can deny that it seriously does look like Sin City, there's nothing new to the styling at all. However the story is where this could really deliver something different.

The other great draw for the film, which is really trying to hit it's teenage demographic, is the line up of gorgeous actresses. This might actually be one of the saving graces of the film....and of course Samuel L. Jackson as the Octopus.



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