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Book of Blood trailer online

CliveBarker.jpgClive Barker's Book of Blood has a trailer and it's looking pretty freaky, in fact I would wonder if this was even supposed to be a red band trailer, but who cares, it's a Clive Barker horror and you know what you're letting yourself in for.

Looking at the trailer I can recognise the shots that have been filmed in Edinburgh, my home town. It looks rather interesting because it's not filled with the usual horror shouts and scares, this looks slow and brooding.

You can see the trailer for Book of Blood right here. It's taken adapted from a Clive Barker short story by John Harrison, who also directs, and Barker himself.

The story follows a paranormal expert who discovers that a house they've been investigating contains much more than the haunting from a single gruesome killing. It's actually an intersection for the afterlife where various highways cross for transporting souls to the afterlife, and when they call in a special psychic, he becomes connected to the dead in some very strange ways.

It looks like a powerful story, but have we seen the entire story from the trailer? Is this going to play out quite calmly as the trailer suggests? No big standard shocks and scares?



Having now seen it, I can say for certain that the trailer is massively spoilerific.

I'm hoping to get my review written up over the next few days. Although I have a bit of a backlog...

Yeah I thought the ending might be in there, I wasn't really sure. Be warned people!

Let me know when you've got the review live Dan, drop me an email/IM/tweet/kwip/plurk, whatever!


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