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Bourne franchise to continue

RobertLudlum.jpgNot just with one more film either, it seems that Universal are securing the future of Bourne to make more and more and more Bourne films until we're so dizzy and confused we'll throw up.

The announcement has come today that Universal have bought the rights to the Bourne character and all novels. Not only that but Universal thinks Robert Ludlum is hot property and goes further than Bourne.

They've bought the right to have first say on adapting any of Robert Ludlum's other characters in print (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), any of them. Well apart from the few already in various stages of development - The Osterman Weekend , The Sigma Protocol, The Matarese Circle with Denzel Washington and directed by David Cronenberg, and apparently The Chancellor Manuscript with Leonardo DiCaprio.

That's got to have been one hell of a deal that the family estate will be living off for a very long time to come, especially if they do start making other Ludlum character films. What's good for the Ludlum name though is that they have retained approval over screenplay's, directors and actors, which might limit the quick raid on his work.

However the really important piece in the story from Variety through Empire is that we're going to see more Bourne films, and not just the one either. With the rights to the character and all the novels bought, they've secured themselves a cosy little Bond fighting franchise here that could go on and on.

At some point though they'll have to consider what they're going to do if Matt Damon walks away from the series.

For now the fourth film is continuing, and we see Damon and Paul Greengrass returning for more of the same. However what's going to happen after that? Do you think Damon would want to continue or would Universal start swapping actors and directors just like Bond?



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