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Bridges Iron Man photography book

Bridges-IronMan.jpgI already have one Jeff Bridges book of behind the scene photos, taken with his difficult to use but incredibly satisfying Widelux camera. Apparently the actor has been taking photos from behind the scenes of all his films since the 1980's, but there's only been one book released, and frankly it's all too short.

Now he has a new book of shots, although this one is only on his website for the moment, I do hope that he's going to release something more in book format. For now, you can see the fantastic pictures online.

Jeff Bridges first book, Pictures, has photos from a number of his previous films and have a fantastic feel to them thanks to the Widelux camera. It's a camera without a shutter or a viewfinder and take panoramic images with a moving slit – this allows him to take shots called Tragoedia/Comeoedia of famous people in a double pose, an example of which you can see in the Iron Man book for Jon Favreau.

I really did enjoy Pictures (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), but the problem I found with it is that there was never enough of them. For all the films he's done there are surely hundreds of photos, and Pictures doesn't even come close to covering them all.

So it's great that he has a single ebook devoted to the film Iron Man and some candid and expertly taken behind the scenes shots.

You can see the book over on Jeff Bridges site via First Showing, and it's well worth checking out because it's a glorious collection of images.

As I say, I just wish he did more, or released more of the images he's taken from his career. Oh, and I would recommend the book for photography and film fans, although they will be craving for more.



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