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Brolin on Terminator Salvation

JoshBrolin.jpgJosh Brolin reveals a little inside knowledge on Terminator Salvation, revealing that he was offered a role and even considered joining and although he didn't and hasn't been involved in the production since, he has some interesting comments on the film.

Not all seems to be as good as the footage to date would suggest, and while the script that Brolin read was something to get excited about, it might not be what's on film. Are we going to get another poor Terminator film?

A while ago I wrote about McG discussing who would play the Terminator in Terminator Salvation, that was before we had the finalised casting of course and things moved on. Here's what he said way back then before the final casting decisions.

“...there's guys out there like Russell Crowe and Eric Bana, bring a good physicality, they do what they do, but I don't know if they're exactly right at the end of the day. (Smiles) Josh Brolin is a very exciting actor - we'll see.”

So when asked about it over at MTV through TunaFlix, Josh Brolin reveals a couple of interesting titbits about the script and the film:

“Yeah. I talked to Christian [Bale] for a couple hours...I really liked the script though I hear that’s not what they filmed. The one I read was very interesting and dark. Ultimately though I didn’t think it felt right.”

So that's not the one they ended up filming? Well that might not be too bad, it could just be as dark and as exciting as that one, perhaps just some changes have been made?

Judging by Christian Bale's reaction to Josh Brolin's question on how things were going I wouldn't be so sure about the excitement levels.

“I saw [Bale] recently and I asked him how it was and he said, ‘it’s alright.’”

Then Brolin laughed. Oh great, either he's laughing at the awareness that the comment is going to do the rounds and get everyone's blood boiling, or he's laughing at the fact that he didn't sign up and Bale said “alright” in a certain tone which you can just imagine.

It's second hand commentary on the film, and also Brolin's comments are on a script from way back, so it might not be as accurate as everyone will take it to be, but still...could this be taken as a bad sign?



Oh no, not good news :(

I was kind of excited up until now. But it makes sense, McG isnt exactly Michael Mann...Hell he's not even Michael Bay...Or the dreaded Joel Shcumacher...So I am not in the least suprized that the product is just 'Alright'.
We'll just have to wait.
It's interesting to have a couple of stories back to back about Brolin being candid about the quality of projects, hopefully he isnt muzzled by the powers at be.
I think the good script he was refering to was a treatment by Chris Nolans brother Jonathan, which no doubtedly kicked serious ass and was extremely dark and had substance...Therefore unsuitable for someone like McG.

As far as I'm aware Jonathan Nolan was writing the script or at least tweaking the script written by T3 scribes Brancato and Ferris. Quote from McG:

"I’ve spent time with James Cameron, spoken to Arnold Schwarzenegger, gone over the story with Jonah Nolan, and enlisted Stan Winston."

There's some really mixed messages about this film, I really am unsure which way it's going to go, although I hope the script is the strong one that Brolin and McG seem to be talking about.


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