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Bruce Wayne to die in next Batman?

BatmanvsSuperman.jpgIt seems that Bruce Wayne may well be the next big superhero to be killed off, or rather the alter ego of a superhero to be killed off, and a new man will step up to stand behind the mask.

While it seems that the era of Bruce Wayne as Batman, an era that has lasted since his first appearance in 1939, is over, it's not the end of Batman.

Well when we say Bruce Wayne is going to be killed off, it's not referring to Chrisopher Nolan's next Batman film, oh no, this is about the latest comic book outing for the character.

It's the second story today that isn't directly about a film, but it is related, because you can see that at some point in the future there will be a director trying to make their own mark on the Batman franchise and they'll be attracted to this storyline.

You can see the day now when a new director, or perhaps even Nolan in the next outing, decides it's a good idea to kill off Bruce Wayne and all those film fans of Batman who don't follow the comic will be outraged.

Is it such a big deal though? One of the greatest things about Batman is the fact that he is a mortal, he can get hurt, and despite some of the amazing feats he carries out, it's all because he pushes the human mind and body to the absolute limit, now and again incorporating cutting edge science in there to defeat even the most un-human of foes, or even friends.

The word that Bruce Wayne is set to be killed off comes from the BBC, a story I've been sitting on since Monday wondering if you'd really be interested in, so let me know if stories like this and the Wanted game trailer do float your boat.

They tell us that it's a Scotsman who is set to kill off Bruce Wayne in the latest Batman comic. Writer Grant Morrison is going to reveal his fate in the release of the latest comic on the 26th of November, that's today folks.

The rumour is that a mystery villain called the Black Glove is going to be the one to murder him, or there's the other rumour that Wayne may just retire. Of course there's another possibility, he could fake his own death, something he's done before in spectacular style and making comic book history.

However the character is going to go, he's going, and he's being replaced. So while Wayne heads off into the past, someone new is going to take up the cape and mask and protect Gotham, and the speculation is rife.

It could be the character who has been the latest incarnation of Robin, TIm Drake, he's been on the go since 1991 apparently. Or it could spark the return of Dick Grayson who was the original Robin and is now the superhero known as Nightwing.

Personally I would like to see the return of Dick Grayson, I think that has a certain poetic turn to it, and Grayson has been putting his time in as a fully fledged, and somewhat darker superhero, for some time now. He's not the Robin we once knew. He could come back with an interesting view of the duality of Batman, as well as a very different take on Robin, particularly as he's been that very character in his early years.

What do you think? Is the death of Wayne something that interests you? Would it work on film, and would it be Grayson you could see coming back from the terrible franchise past to take up his mantle?

Could this be an interesting direction for Nolan's third Batman? - He'd certainly leave his mark on the franchise, if not end it.

The only problem I see, if the idea of killing Wayne off was to be brought up, is that we would not get the chance to see the original Batman fighting Superman in that spectacular storyline. I would rather see him retire in film and do it through this storyline than go out any other way.

What about you? Is the death and replacement of Bruce Wayne something you can see?



First of all, news is always appreatiated, keep up the related stories my friend, they are of great relavence.
I doubt Warner Bros will allow anything like this to enter into the film world. It could be interesting but now, with the unbelievable success of DK, I can't imagine them ending it on this note.
On the opposite side, if the brothers Nolan and Goyer decide its where they want to go, I can't see wb saying no either.
Remember when they killed Superman in the 90's? He's still running around in the comic world with the same old underpants he's always been, and where are all those lame clone supermen? nowhere...
Storylines in the funny books are just jobs for the writers, they cant make everything accurate or cohesive with titles that run for 50 plus yrs.Its not realistic...If this doesnt work and they wanna erase it, done. Batman is raised from the dead by the ghost of Salvador Dahli, or the granddaughter of Superman...Whatever works at the moment.
So I personally dont think this will affect what we see on the big screen, just what comes to the comic shops..
But I wouldnt really mind seeing Nolan kill of Wayne in a third installment...With no whisper of a replacement, no final shot of a kid or anyone putting on the cowl and cape.Just death. Thats realism.

Thanks Matthew, will do.

You're right of course, the next writer can just invent something to bring him back, or return to a time when Wayne was running rampant and write stories from then.

Plus film isn't interested in following the timelines of the comic world, sometimes not even the plots!

I could see this being an interesting twist though, but I don't know if I could deal with another person behind the Batman mask.


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