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Bruckheimer talks Pirates of the Caribbean 4

POTC-WorldsEnd_Poster.jpgJerry Bruckheimer has been talking about his upcoming slate and has revealed that scripts are underway for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and National Treasure 3, and that the writers who are working on both those scripts are also hard at work on The Lone Ranger.

It certainly sounds as though Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio certainly have their hands full with these three huge blockbusters.

What with all the rumours recently it's hard to pull the truth from the maddening rumour, but Jerry Bruckheimer is indeed the horses mouth, if you'll allow me to put it like that without any insult intended.

Through Coming Soon he says:

"We're doing another 'National Treasure' so we're working on that...We've sat with the writers and we're working up the story and plotlines right now. They're in the process of finishing 'The Lone Ranger' so they're working on both of those simultaneously, same set of writers, Elliot and Rossio, who did all three 'Pirates' and worked on 'National Treasure (2)'"

He's tight lipped on casting for these films, and rightly so since they haven't even been written yet nor have they directors attached, so it's still early stages for rumours to be flying about, after all would you want to be the director that is signed up to one of these projects to be told who your leading cast is and not have any say in it?

So we're looking at another intelligence lacking National Treasure, something I can say I'm far from interested in, but we are definitely now looking at a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean, something I know fans will be going mad for.

The question is will Johnny Depp return for the role? Actually I think there's not a shadow of a doubt, the question will be will any of the other cast return.



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