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Cannonball Run remake with Reynolds?

CannonballRun.jpgThere's been talk of a Cannonball Run remake before, and also of a documentary of a real life Cannonball Run, but more has come of the documentary than the remake, and in fact the remake appeared dead. Thankfully.

However the producer of the original has been talking about the film and revealed that there's still a chance that it could happen, but rights are holding it up.

Back when we originally heard that they were after a remake I was sceptical, and I still am, I mean taking that film and making it today just won't be enough for an instant hit, they are going to have to do something different. As far as I can see that means taking it one of two ways, they can go the Forgetting Sarah Knocked Up Marshall on the Pineapple Express route, or they could go the Ocean's brugeoning crew route.

That means either silly, over the top humour, or make it slicker and cooler, still filled with the same level of comedy but presented in a different much style.

I'm pretty sure that both would work, and while the former might be more in keeping with the original feel of the film's comedy, I have a thought that an Ocean's treatment to the film would make for an interesting remake.

However the original producer Albert S. Ruddy, who seems to be involved in the remake, has other thoughts, and would rather things didn't change. I think he's wrong. Through Moviehole he says:

''We'd like to do another one, but the rights get very convoluted as you can imagine. Raymond Chow sold his library to 20th Century Fox for a fortune, so getting a chain of title is a lot more complex than it used to be. If we can work it all out, than we can do another one....

...We'd have to put Burt in somewhere, like when we did 'The Longest Yard' (remake). We'd try to get as many of the other guys as we could. I mean, Jamie Farr was funny. When he says 'Get a physical' to the waitress in the first 'Cannonball'...hilarious!''

The good news there though is that they would be talking of keeping Burt Reynolds in The Cannonball Run remake, personally I would demand Dom DeLuise would be included in the remake as the excellent Captain Chaos once again. However there is that fear of if the comedy would work once again in a modern day remake - sure it works rewatching it, hell I was enjoying Smokey and the Bandit the other night, but it's different if you saw it first time around, or at least when it was pretty fresh.

Now I just don't know if a Cannonball Run comedy would work without a major rewrite.



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