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Captain America gets director

CaptainAmerica.jpgYes it's true, a Captain America film is going ahead and the news today is that there's a director assigned, and he's a pretty good director too.

Of course there's a long road to travel because there's no script, and no writer, and we've seen a film in this stage of production before go through many directors before it actually films, but it's off to a good start already.

Joe Johnston is the man who is set to direct Captain America, a film which I think will be a hard sell abroad, and the story tells us that the studio are currently hearing pitches from writers, so the film is definitely moving forward.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Joe Johnston first met with Marvel some two years ago for general discussions which then turned into Captain discussions – see what I did there? - and they've been going ever since.

Captain America is the story of a soldier called Steve Rogers who is rejected by the army and taken on by a secret government program. They put him through an experiment that turns him into Captain America, a man with very special abilities and give him a suit and an indestructible shield.

He was originally a symbol for the war effort and to rally support and build moral. These days that character would be hard pressed to fit into the wars that America is engaged in, and so we'll most likely see the character return to World War II for his separate film, but somehow transported to the modern day for his appearance in the Avengers superhero ensemble film. In order to do that they'll probably return to the suspended animation idea used in the comic series.

So Johnston to direct? Well it's a long road and there could be many changes, but Johnston seems a good choice. He previously directed The Rocketeer, Jurassic Park III, Hidalgo and the yet to be released The Wolf Man.

Good choice for Captain America? There's still a writer and the difficult act of casting to go through, but it's certainly moving forward. I just don't see how well it'll be received outside of the U.S.



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