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Carpenter directing gangster film

JohnCarpenter.jpgIt seems that John Carpenter is to direct a film that is being described as Unforgiven as a gangster film, and this is according to one of the writers behind the project. It's even up on IMDB, so it must be true.

The two writers on the film, called The Prince, are Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio, whose previous credits include Special, the film about a man who is taking drugs that make him believe he's a superhero.

Speaking about the new project they reveal what The Prince is all about, and it's not Scared Straight with Nicolas Cage, which definitely has me scared. No this one is rather diffferent:

“It's a bit of a departure. It's definitley more of a very character based crime movie. I don't know what's going on with it right now, but the premise is that this guy was the most [badass] gangster of all time in Las Vegas, and he's left the life and created this whole new world. His wife died but he's raising his kid. He's living in the middle of nowhere and he's this very religious, trying to live a straight life guy. His daughter is now going to school at UCLA and she disappears, and he goes looking for her. The trail leads to Vegas and he has to go get her, and the entire city kind of comes down on top of him.”

What's more he says that the writers have completed a version that they're really happy with, and it's a brutal, violent and dark film at the end. Now that does have me interested, John Carpenter combined with those three words. Still, that ending has to make it past the studio who may want bouncy fluffy bunnies.

The story comes from CHUD through Quiet Earth.

There's no denying that Carpenter has a unique eye when it comes to horror, but he has his ups and downs in his career, and right now the most successful of his films are all being remade. However I'd argue that his high points haven't been about horror, and so perhaps his move to a film that takes Unforgiven to the gangster world might suit him well.

I say that because of some of the films that stand out for me, Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China, Assault on Precinct 13, They Live, The Thing and Prince of Darkness.

Obviously those first four films are far from horror, and you'll probably be arguing that the last two are most definitely horror. Well I would argue the point with The Thing, sure there are effects scenes which are horrific, but the film is more about character and suspense, and that ending is just superb, it's a classic.

Then there's Prince of Darkness, I agree that is a horror film out and out, however the scenes that always stand out for me are the hand held footage from the front of the Church, and I'm giving nothing away by saying that. You'll know the scene I mean if you've seen it, it's creepy, frightening, and all psychological suspense. Although the rest of the film is horror, those stand out scenes are one of the defining moments of the film.

Now take that all together and you've got something much more than the horror director label he's often given. So I'm really interested in the direction that The Prince is going to take and what it could do for Carpenter.



The story sounds kinda interesting. I like Carpenter, but lately his work is just dismal. Hopefully this will redeem him back to the status he so rightly deserves.


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