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Chan in another Pacifier film

JackieChan.jpgJackie Chan once revealed that he wasn't a fan of the Rush Hour films saying that he originally didn't understand the humour or like the Americanised action sequences. However he did say that he grew to love them and ended up doing three films purely for the fans.

So he's not lost his taste for Americanised humour or action as word comes out that he's about to make one of those “action stars with kids” films that all action stars turn to in their hour of need.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vin Diesel, The Rock, they've all been in the exact same position, and the exact same film almost, have a read of the plot and you're sure to agree.

This one is called The Spy Next Door and also stars George Lopez, Billy Ray Cyrus, Amber Valletta and Katherine Boecher. Here's that plot from The Hollywood Reporter to marvel at.

The movie centers on a man (Chan) asked to baby-sit his neighbor's children who must protect them from secret agents after one of the kids accidentally downloads a code.

Lopez is a CIA agent who might not be all that he appears; Cyrus is another agent. Valletta is the kids' mom, while Boecher plays a Russian underworld operative.

Oh dear, it does sound like The Pacifier, Kindergarten Cop, The Game Plan, and all those other action stars look after kids films. Why do they do them? Whatever happened to Jackie Chan that he felt the need to follow their example and make a film like this?



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