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Clips 'n' Pics: Star Trek Enterprise revealed, Watchmen character posters

The past few days have seen the release of some images from two major films that aren't that exciting, but are worth of a quick peek. Those are the new Watchmen posters which show each character in a bit more detail, and the first sighting of the Star Trek Enterprise in all its glory.

I don't usually get all excited over posters and images that don't reveal that much, but since everyone is shouting about them I thought I'd group them together here for you to have a look at.

StarTrek-Enterprise.jpgThe first up is the image of the Enterprise in J.J. Abrams Star Trek. What do you think of it? Is it that exciting? Apparently it's getting fans all heated up about the film. Frankly I don't see how different it could have looked do you? You can click the image for the full size one.

Then there are the Watchmen character posters to advertise the film, and the most striking thing about these is how close they are to the actual comic book. You know I'm getting more and more excited for this film as the days pass, and that release date just seems so far away.

Here you go, the images include links to the full size images.

Watchmen_Comedian.jpgWatchmen_Manhattan.jpgWatchmen_Niteowl.jpg Watchmen_Rorschach.jpgWatchmen_Ozymandias.jpgWatchmen-Spectre.jpg



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