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Coraline trailer online

Coraline.jpgThe full trailer for Coraline, the animated film adapted from Neil Gaiman's book and directed by Henry Selick, the man responsible for The Nightmare Before Christmas, has arrived on screen, and it's looking both dark and fun.

The story follows Coraline as she is forced to move to a new home and becomes frustrated and disgruntled with her parents. She finds a hidden door in the house that leads to another world where her “other” parents are wonderful, entertaining, and look after her much better than her real parents.

As time goes on it becomes clear that all is not what it seems, and that she must make a decision about whether to stay with her real parents or leave to the other world with her “other” parents.

As events become darker and more dangerous, she must find a way to save her real parents and reach her real home, otherwise she'll be trapped in this other world forever.

Coraline has some great voices, one might say obviously, Dakota Fanning plays Coraline, the more gorgeous than ever Teri Hatcher plays both Mothers, and other voices include Ian McShane, Keith David, Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French.

The trailer looks rather good, and a lot of fun, and it retains that dark element that Henry Sellick brought through in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I have to say that I'm hooked on it. The character of Coraline is brought to life wonderfully in this trailer, and before the end of it you feel she's a real person with a real personality, and that's the beauty of animation.

Here's the trailer:

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