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Crossing Over trailer online

HarrisonFord.jpgThe trailer for Crossing Over has arrived, a film that features Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, Sean Penn, Jim Sturges, Cliff Curtis, Ashley Judd, Alice Braga and Alice Eve, in a film about illegal immigration into America and what it means for people to want to find a home in the country as well as be uprooted and returned home.

The trailer looks really powerful and is written and directed by Wayne Kramer, the writer and director of Running Scared, writer of Mindhunters, and director of The Cooler, all strong films in their own right.

The trailer for Crossing Over looks really good, and might just bring a surprise empassioned performance from Harrison Ford, whom I think is all too guilty of resting on his laurels in some of his previous films of late.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:480p:720p:1080p] thanks to RowThree, or you can watch it in flash right here:

There's been quite a wait for this film with the film being bumped back and back, now the only release date we know about is the U.S. for 2009. So no matter how good the trailer looks and the star line up is, we're all going to have to wait some more.



a definate thoughtprovoking piece-a multi layered story told on various levels-shattering of the American dream-touching on the point everyone in America is Americanbut there is a price to be paid for being an American especially if you're a part of the messed up immigration system-i mean they actually have lotteries to get a green card for the states!!Not just USA- but immigration corruption is very rife globally and invloves drugs, prostitution, gangsterism etc-this subject has been tackled before -but never as intricate as this-this will be an eye opener and could be an oscar nominee-Harrison Ford is another actor who is now accepting maturity and takes on a role accordingly -this could be a strong role for him-a man who turns against his own 'cold' principles-looks good


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