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Death at a Funeral remake already!

DeathataFuneral.jpgHollywood is set to remake a British comedy from 2007, a film directed by Frank Oz, and it's set to be transplanted to the U.S. and will star Chris Rock who will also co-write the script.

It's a strange choice, especially as it will be adapted and transplanted to an American setting, particularly as the film was made less than two years ago.

Chris Rock is not only starring and co-writing the Death at a Funeral remake along with Aeysha Carr (who wrote several Everybody Hates Chris episodes), but he's also going to produce the film alongside William Horberg, Sidney Kimmel, Share Stallings and Laurence Malkin who are producers from the original version.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the original was made for around US $9 million and made around US $55 million worldwide, and that's quite a nice figure, but will the American version fare better and will anyone not see it?

Well one thing is that the US only brought in about $8.5 million of those box office returns, so it's fair to say that it wasn't too well seen over there, so maybe there is some mileage in remaking it for an American audience.

One question could well arise, is Chris Rock the right one to bring this project to the big screen? They are of course still looking for a director, but he's producing, co-writing and starring, so this is most definitely a Rock vehicle.

The film saw a strong British cast star in a comedy about a funeral ceremony that begins to fall apart at the edges when everything possible seems to go wrong and the worst nightmare of family and relatives turn up.

Now the film is set to be in "urban America" as the story tells us with a mainly African-American cast.

One good thing though, Rock is supposedly a big fan of the original film, and he supposedly came up with an original rework of the script. I hope that means more than transplanting it to America and changing the cast.

Remakes are happening faster and faster, and I think this is a record with a film that's been released just under two years.



Oh dear. I haven't seen the film but I can imagine what the remake will be like and it's not good.

[covers up crystal ball]

its like remaking the godfather! YOU JUST DONT GO THERE!
its not even chris rocks kind of movie

im glad theyre remaking it the movei [expletive removed - Richard] sucks and all the peopl who like it are usually [expletive removed - Richard] referring to the people in grayslake illinois

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The original was great. The only reason it flopped in the US is because they don't get humor unles there is a flashing sign saying laugh now!!! This will be horid. Stop the Yanks ripping off the Brits!! To quote Billy:

its like remaking the godfather! YOU JUST DONT GO THERE!

I adored the orginal and think it will be very interesting to see a remake of this one.

If the writers from Everybody Hates Chris is on it then it should be very good. Also, the producers are from the original version.

Loved this movie watch it over and over. But I would be interested to see the new one.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! you cant remake the english version of "death at a funeral" it's like trying to re do something like "lock, stock and two smoking barrels or snatch"! FAIL!!!the british version is awesome..dont kill it!

American here, dreading the remake

I cannot believe they are remaking this film. I agree that some people don't get that kind of humor and need a "laugh now" sign. The Brits are just way to witty and clever, which is why their humor is so hilarious. American Cinema remakes almost always fail compare to the originals: The Ring/Grudge, My Sassy Girl, The Eye, and New York, I love you (after Paris je Taime). The trailer looks ridiculous. America cinema lack the creativity to come up with a great film, which is why they always bite off of other countries.

I've just posted the trailer too, and it's amazing how all the US sites are loving it and saying how like the original it is.

I definitely don't agree.

Wow you guys are really sucking your own [expletive removed - Richard] here. "Brits have a great sense of humor. Yanks dont"
Get off your own [expletive removed - Richard].

Well TonyMac, did you just prove your own point?

Well Richard Brunton, what I said has nothing to do with comedy, just a statement of fact. You all seem to be on your comedic high horses but that really doesnt fool me because I know how much brits love American sitcoms.

Your comedic palate cant be THAT refined when most of the sitcoms you watch are American. The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Friends and Family Guy are still very popular over there and guess what, they were all written and developed by Americans. Gasp!

"America cinema lack the creativity to come up with a great film, which is why they always bite off of other countries."

That statement is just laughable. American Cinema is by far the best in the world. Dont get mewrong the fact that the industry is so big means that a lot of crap is produced also. But the best of American films outshines any other countries easily. So please dont try to portray Americans as clods just to make you feel better about yourself. Again, get off your own sack!

Tony, you're really generalising there. Not all of us said that all American comedy is rubbish, and I don't think anyone said that.

One commenter said that British humour is way too witty and clever to have that "laugh now" in your face comedy, and they too are over generalising, however look at the US comedy films released of late and you have to agree there's a definite pattern there.

US comedy film releases tend to be about sexual and bodily function jokes with plenty of slapstic, British comedy tends to be a little more considered, sarcastic, witty and built on sketches.

US television comedy is way better than than the film comedy coming out of Hollywood, absolutely agree with that, and television wise there's nothing worldwide that competes with Family Guy.

Film wise, I really find it hard to accept that Hollywood is producing world beating cinema, and the series of features I'm writing on the site about the best films of the decade is showing that there are some serious foreign contenders there.

World beating cinema? Well Bollywood outsells Hollywood.

Hollywood is overly obsessed with remakes right now, even of their own films, never mind foreign, and there's a huge void of creativity. Independent film has something far better to offer, even in the U.S..

So there are generalisations both sides, but there's no need to resort to abusive language and personal attacks. Happy for the clean debate, keep it coming.

You do realize that Bollywood already released a remake of this same film. Yet that wasnt mentioned either in the article or your response.

Im sure "Death at a Funeral" is also based on some other work. There are no new ideas under the sun. Yet your readers used this peice to bash American cinema without even seeing the movie yet. I would expect better from such a witty, clever, sophisticated group.

BTW chris rock is hilarious and I'd let him and his team remake anything and I'd see it. If you all are not hip to his work I suggest you netflix some of his movies and get acquainted. Then come back and say whether you are looking forward to this movie or not.

No I didn't, because that wasn't the point. You were saying that Hollywood produces the best and biggest films, I just mentioned that Bollywood is actually the bigger industry.

Yes Bollywood does do remakes, but not to the extent Hollywood is of late.

Death at a Funeral is an original work, although it's fair to state that all stories can be traced back to the seven (or so, I can't remember the exact number) original Greek tragedies in some way or another, but they are far from remakes.

Yeah I've seen some of Chris Rock's stand up work, and that's funny. Not so enamoured with his film work though.

Oh and I don't think people are saying negative things about American cinema just because of this film, there's a huge raft of cheap and terrible remakes that are the real driving factor.

Nope. What I said was that American Cinema is the greatest DESPITE the fact that there are so many bad films that come out of the beheamoth.

That Bollywood comment was more directed to the commenters who are not only lampooning a film that they havent seen but also using that film as an excuse to bash the greatest film industry in the world.

The Bollywood comment is also pertinent because at the end of your article you state

"Remakes are happening faster and faster, and I think this is a record with a film that's been released just under two years."

Well no. You are wrong. Bollywood remade this film ONE year after it was released, so if there is some sort of remake record (highly doubt there is such a thing) that Bollywood studio has it.

But you still havent really refuted my original statement about American cinema. I know America bashing is en vogue but the proof is in the pudding.

Why can't Hollywood come up with their own ideas without remaking movies that can't possibly be improved?!!

richard brunton so stupid. american film industry is crap

Great intelligent debate there. Love the fact that you call me stupid and then agree with me.

This is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. The original was literally perfect. Trust the British to spit out a comedy worth seeing, and then they up and decide to ruin it with a bunch of crappy actors and stupid black - and I don't mean in the dark humour sense - comedy.

I'm *not* happy. This is ridiculous! Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan will RUIN this. :'(

this is will suck. chris rock sucks. this is going to be another one of those stupid movies like madea's family reunion or something like that. i'm pissed. i won't see the movie and no one else should either. chris rock should roll up into a ball and starve himself to death because he sucks at life.

Garbage. The original was gold and cannot be redone. All he's doing is making exploiting black people, pushing toilet humor and sexual innuendo. FAIL!

I read some story saying this would be a fresh take on the British version, but what I see in the previews is mostly recycled material. No thanks.

It's going to be an utter piece of shit, dumbed down for the idiot masses.



The British original was absoloutely brilliant. I remember seeing this with my missus and the cinema was practically empty which we just couldn't understand. I could barely eat my popcorn at just how witty it was!

But stumbling across this version this morning, I honestly thought it was some really bad joke, or just a film that happened to have the same name. This film claims to have been re-written by Chris Rock? Well that's a laughable statement, all he's done is taken the original script and changed lines here and there to be more understandable to the slower audience.

The trailer shows this as the same film, and the same gags, but with actors who in my opinion do not match up to the British cast. They've even re-used the same actor to play the deceaseds ex-lover.

A reminder that this is not even necessarily about the quality of the American film industry. It is about this movie. The original was the kind of funny film that you can't really recreate. It required the cliched stereotype of the posh pom to create the tension between the future father-in-law and Simon. It needed to be out of the US so that there could be the brother who 'made it big' in the coveted States market to return to England. So many more of the situations that make the film what it is are so typically English (or at least, not American) that they simply can'y be translated effectively.
And ok, on a personal note, I do think that the Americans have trouble remaking foreign comedy. Being Australian, I am only too aware of the travesty that was the US version of our beloved Kath & Kim (who by the way, in no way represent the general populace of our country, as so many seem to think. They are meant to be a caricature of a largely false stereotype).


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