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Director on Hairspray 2

Hairspray.jpgOther than the fact that a treatment was being worked on by John Waters, news on Hairspray 2 has been a bit thin. Now the director has given a small update on where the sequel is.

Seems both the political happenings of the late 60's, and The Fab Four will be included.

Hairspray starred the likes of Nikki Blonsky, John Travolta, Queen Latifah and Zac Efron. The sequel is in pre production with John Waters working on a treatment, the last we heard.

Now the director Adam Shankman has talked about where the sequel is at right now. He spoke to Entertainment Weekly through Coming Soon.

"We just got an outline and some ideas from John Waters, and now we're going out to writers," director Adam Shankman tells EW exclusively. The story will follow Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) and her pals as they navigate the "next era of music," the late '60s. "That period was superpolitical," Shankman adds, "it was a time of serious change." No kidding: According to the filmmaker, heartthrob Link (Zac Efron) will channel his inner Austin Powers and become steeped in the British Invasion. "We're trying to track, in a comedic way, the historical elements."

So Hairspray 2 will also cover the political climate of the late 60's, and potentially the invasion of The Beatles. Hairspray kind of past me by, due to my dislike of musicals. But it does seem to have been a massive hit.

Do you Hairspray fans still want a sequel? Do you like what you hear?



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