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Dragonball trailer online

DragonBallZ.jpgThe trailer for the live action film version of Dragon Ball Z has arrived online. Simply called Dragonball it looks a lot better than I expected and even looks like an up-market Tekken/Streetfighter/Mortal Kombat film. Of course there's more to it than that, I hope.

The film follows the young warrior Son Goku who sets out on a quest to collect seven magical orbs that will grant the person who holds them unlimited power. He's racing against the evil King Piccolo. Action and fighting abound.

I haven't really been keeping on top of Dragonball, so it did surprise me that Chow Yun-Fat is starring in it, and as you can see from the trailer he's looking pretty good in it.

Actually the trailer does get me a little interested in the film, I'm not thinking it's a blockbuster material, but it's definitely looking good.

Have a look for yourself and if there are any Dragon Ball Z fans out there we'd be interested to hear your take on it over ours.



I used to be a huge fan of Dragonball and although the film looks good, it doesn't look like they're sticking to the original story line. The first thing i have to say is that Piccolo looks terrible. My main concern is with Goku though. In the original Goku is only a young saiyan boy with immense power. From the trailer it looks as if they're making him out to be a human who discovers he's "the chosen one". I just think they have changed the story too much so that it fits in with modern flms. I hope i'm wrong but thats just the way it seems. Maybe a Dragonball Z film would be a better choice.


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