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Duplicity trailer online in HD

JuliaRoberts.jpgI really loved the film Closer (Filmstalker review), the actors played off each other really well, and Clive Owen pumped out a great performance there, as did Julia Roberts. Well now they're back together in a film called Duplicity, a film from the writer and director of Michael Clayton, Tony Gilroy.

It looks sexy, imaginative, snappily edited, and above all the interplay between Roberts and Owen looks fantastic. Duplicity might turn out to be one slick thriller with a bag load of style, sophistication and plenty of intelligent humour.

I really like the trailer for Duplicity, which you can see right here. Clive Owen looks like he's giving a pretty relaxed and natural performance, something that I think he often doesn't deliver because he's playing a role that demands the tight lipped, anger retaining character that is so indicative of English action types.

Here though it's far from that, and from the looks of the scenes in the trailer he's really being put through his paces with the excellent Julia Roberts, who's providing a pretty damn strong and forthright performance – that thong moment is sheer class and the timing and reactions wonderful.

I was interested to see these two pairing up together, and the whole idea of two ex-spies turning to the corporate world of product secrets and spying to make money for themselves sounded interesting and a little different, but the trailer really has delivered far more than I expected.

Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson play the duelling corporate leaders who the two spies work for and seem to be playing off each other in order to make their own fortune, and there are a few other strong names in there including Ulrich Thomsen, who Owen is starring with in The International.

Anyway, here's the trailer to see the superb chemistry between these two actors. I'm in.

You can see the trailer in Quicktime and high definition over at Apple Trailers [S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p].



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