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Earth trailer online

Earth-Whales.jpgA while ago we heard about Disney making a nature documentary film. They have teamed up with The Discovery Channel and the BBC to make Earth, a film which includes great footage of all kinds of animals.

They have added in a fictitious tale about various animals that are featured. You can see the trailer inside.

I don't know about you, but I loved the Planet Earth series, and so did Disney it seems. They have teamed with the makers to produce Earth. The trailer has some stunning footage, which looks familiar from the series. And to make it a bit more child friendly, they have added in a fictitious plot for some animals.

You can see the trailer below, from Cinema Blend. Makes me want to rent the TV series on Blu-ray. What do you think?



Okay I was starting to think what are Disney doing, remaking a great documentary by just re-editing the footage and putting an American's voice over the top (by the way how unnerving is that having Darth Vader voice the opening shots!), is it they've become so fussy that even an English voice over is too much?

However I think I get it now, this is heavily edited down to become a film set for cinemas? Is that the intention? I didn't realise that at all.

I think the plan is to release it in cinemas. The storyline thing put in to keep the kids happy. Although my nephew used to watch Planet Earth quite happily. Not sure if it's being released over here though.

I'd prefer David Attenborough's voice. Although I think Sigourney Weaver voiced the American broadcast of Planet Earth.


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