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Eastwood directing supernatural thriller

ClintEastwood.jpgClint Eastwood is in talks to direct a film called Hereafter, which by all accounts is a supernatural thriller. What's more the film is for DreamWorks.

The word is also that the story is in the same mould as The Sixth Sense, whether that means twist plot, supernatural thriller with plenty of creepy moments, who knows, but it already sounds interesting.

The script is written by Peter Morgan, the man behing The Last King of Scotland (Filmstalker review), The Queen, Frost/Nixon and the upcoming State of Play, all great films and excellent scripts. It'll be interesting to see Morgan move into this genre, he's certainly got the thriller aspect to it.

What Variety have on the plot is thin because it is being kept heavily under wraps, but it does tell us that it's along the lines of The Sixth Sense, just not what that means.

My own guess is that we're looking at a strong supernatural thriller with a slow sense of burning rather than any big scares, and that fits well with Clint Eastwood's directing style. Considering the way his films look I'm really surprised there aren't more supernatural thrillers on his career list.

Oh there are plenty of thrillers, but looking at some of them you would see that they aren't that far from something akin to the Sixth Sense kind of idea. It's really Pale Rider, High Plains Drifter and even Play Misty for Me and Changeling that could all be classed in the same genre.

This does sound like an interesting project for Eastwood, and I doubt he can make anything but a great film, especially from Morgan's script. After all his directing career is a string of successes...almost.



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