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Eastwood making Mark Twain film

MarkTwain.jpgIt seems that Clint Eastwood is lined up to make a film about Mark Twain, aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Wikipedia), who is not only known for his Huckleberry Finn stories, but also for inventions, science, science fiction writing, his liberal, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and religious views.

Yes, he wasn't just a writer, but so much more, and with friendships to key figures from artists to Presidents and industrialists to Royalty, there's a wealth of story to be had in his life.

According to Albert S. Ruddy, the producer of The Cannonball Run I and II, The Longest Yard aka The Mean Machine (both versions), and Million Dollar Baby, as well as writing the story for The Longest Yard and Cannonball Run II, he's next working with Clint Eastwood on a project called Remembering Mark Twain.

He reveals that it's not the end of Eastwood acting either, as well as directing the film he's going to bookend the story by appearing as Clemens in hospital at the end of his life. Through Moviehole he says:

"I'm doing another movie with Clint in the spring called 'Remembering Mark Twain'. He's directing the movie, and he's gonna bookend the movie playing Samuel Clemens in the hospital. It's a really sweet, beautiful movie. So that's what I'm all about!"

There's a wealth of information in the life of Clemens, but I think from the comments that Ruddy has given here, it'll be avoiding the controversial aspects of the man's life, something that I think would make for some great films.



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