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Fifty Dead Men Walking trailer online

FiftyDeadMenWalking.jpgThe trailer for Fifty Dead Men Walking has arrived, and it looks like it's time to start looking at the film that's caused all the controversy with the author, hiring actual IRA members for the crew, and one of the stars Rose McGowan saying that she would have fought for the IRA.

The film tells the story of a British soldier deep undercover within the IRA, carrying out the orders of the bosses and conveying important information back to the British authorities in order to stop terrorist attacks.

Martin McGartland is the man who was that very undercover operative who's memoirs (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) were the source for the film.

If you want to read more about the controversy to date about the film then select the Fifty Dead Men Walking related story tag underneath the main story, or indeed just select it from here, it will list all the stories to date about the film.

Meanwhile, you can see the trailer right here, although it's not a very good quality one being as it is from YouTube, it does give you an idea for the film. Personally I don't see it looking all that great from this poor trailer, perhaps someone can dig out a better quality one for us all to have a look at.



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