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Final Yes Man trailer

JimCarrey.jpgA final trailer has arrived for Jim Carrey's Yes Man. This time he plays a man who usually says no to everything. And then decides to say yes to everything.

The more I watch it the more it looks like his comedies of old. Not sure if that's a good thing. Head inside for a look.

Jim Carrey plays the man used to saying no to all offers. After attending a seminar he changes his life by deciding to agree to everything. The trailer for Yes Man is below from Jo Blo. I think this may be one of those films where the trailer is all you need to see. It looks so much like his other films, specifically Liar Liar, that it feels a bit dated. Take a look and see what you think.



You're right, it does seem a bit like Liar Liar, and I remember thinking that the first time I watched the first trailer. Saying that, Liar Liar would still be a good film if released today. I think Carey has made some pretty decent film choices in recent years and I like how he doesn't try to be his outrageous old self like some comedians try to do.

True. If you think back to Ace Ventura, he hasn't really gone back to those kind of roles. I reckon the roles where he gets it right, are the ones with a bit of comedy and drama in them. The Truman Show and Liar Liar as well I suppose.


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