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Hex loses directors

JonahHex.jpgBoth Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have left the film Jonah Hex, according to reports, and although they've written the script they've left the production and the studio are racing ahead with finding a new director.

You might be forgiven for thinking that if they're racing ahead trying to find a new director then maybe Josh Brolin has been signed up for the lead and they're pushing to hit a window where he's free.

Earlier this month Josh Brolin said that he hadn't yet signed onto the project but that he was thinking about it, and perhaps the studio are keen to rush a new director through in order to get him on board or to keep him there.

Whatever the reason, Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine are off the project and that age old phrase “creative differences” is being cited.

That probably means that they were wanting to stick to something in their script and the studio didn't, and so you might expect the studio or the new director to order a rewrite on the script, however it sounds as though there isn't time and when the new boy gets on board it'll be all systems go.

DC Comics character is a western comic book character who fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War and as a result his face is terribly scarred from fighting. Once captured and raised by Indians, he becomes a bounty hunter for the comic series. His character is reminiscent of Clint Eastwood's commonly used western character, an angry and quiet character.

The story comes from Variety, and there's no other word about the project. I guess we'll have to hold out and wait.



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