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International Che trailer online

CheGuevara.jpgThere's an international trailer for Che online, a trailer that covers both of Steven Soderbergh's epic films which follow the life of the legendary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, played by Benicio del Toro, as he turns from a humble Argentinian doctor to the leader of people in the Cuban revolution.

The film seems to be extremely epic in its scope, and looking at the comments from early press reviews, epic in its delivery too. Has Soderbergh delivered a masterpiece?

My apologies, I can't actually tell you specifics of when the two Che films will be released as my broadband connection is failing on the majority of internet DNS resolutions – simply put, it can't find 90% of the internet sites at the moment. Luckily mine is one of them it can! I'll drop the details in later.

In the meantime, here's the latest trailer for the two films, although I have to say it's just a collection of short scenes from the films and doesn't really feel like it's trying to tell me a story or pull me in.

Have a look a the previous trailer as a comparison, what do you think?

The two Che Guevara films are The Argentine and Guerrilla, both charting his life. The Argentine follows him through 1956 as he raises an army in Cuba, and Guerrilla moves forward to 1964 where he travels to New York to address the United Nations. Epic sounding indeed.

Update: Right the Internet is back up, thanks to Ape from F1-Blog for the quick thinking answer, and I've checked both The Argentine and Guerrilla for release dates. Argentine is hitting UK, France and Argentina in January, and for Guerrilla, Argentina and Greece in November, US, France and UK in February, and Japan in March. So far anyway.



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