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Jackman playing Houdini

HarryHoudini.jpgWhen I watched Death Defying Acts (Filmstalker review) I thought that there should have been a film just about Harry Houdini, and not the distractions that went with this one. There's no doubt that the persona that was Houdini and the acts that he performed would make for a great story and I instantly began craving a film about his life.

So it was with great excitement that I read about Hugh Jackman playing the part of Harry Houdini, okay it wasn't Guy Pearce, but Jackman could play it just as well and with the same level of intensity.

Problem was it's not on film, at least not yet, it's on stage, and what's more it's a musical.

Yes, a musical of the life of Harry Houdini. I have to admit to being a tad disappointed at this, but I really believe it will only be a matter of time before we see a film of Harry Houdini's life and achievements.

According to Fox News through WENN and IMDB, Hugh Jackman has already been practising magic tricks in anticipation for the role, and let's face it, with the pressure to perform live on stage while singing, I think plenty of practising would be required.

The production is due to arrive on Broadway in 2010, and there are a few huge names behind the production, with a number of film connections, including Danny Elfman.

What I wouldn't be surprised about is that before the production reaches the first night, a studio will have picked up the story and started the production of the feature film.

Based on the musical or not, I do believe that Houdini is an untapped source for Hollywood, there are a couple of really strong stories to be told, including his life in film. Perhaps we'll see that film before the musical begins.



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