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Brolin not Jonah Hex yet

JoshBrolin.jpgOnly last month it was rumoured that Josh Brolin was the man who will play Jonah Hex. It was even said that he had agreed to play the role, that the deal was done.

But it looks like it may have been a bit premature. The man himself says that he's still thinking it over.

In early October, we heard that Josh Brolin had agreed to star as Jonah hex in a film version of the comic book. IESB caught up with him though, and he says it isn't a dead cert that he will play the anti-hero.

Brolin says he's still mulling it over and nothing has been finalized just yet. He says he has not signed on and is still debating taking the role.

So he isn't signed on just yet. Who knows what it is that is holding him back. Do you want him to play Jonah Hex? Or is there someone else who you'd prefer.



Jonah Hex- always seemed to belong to the spaghetti western style genre-'a man with no name' crossed with the 'high plains drifter'with a hint of soldier blue thrown in-for moral and ethical grounds.Can josh brolin pull it off- i dunno- hex is a rough with a scar-a bulging eye -he has an appearance that envisages the eeriness of a lawless gothic west-could an European actor pull it off?
Vincent cassell(blueberry)or even javier bardem- Brolin's co star in the superb Coen bro modern day western.Hex cannot be played by a Hollywood looker-it will need to be someone who can act without physical eye candy.Hex really needs to be an anti-hero reminding us of the visual classics of the 1960s and 1970s-it will be the making of a cult figure-if it gets off the ground.

Oh man, Cassell would be superb for the role. He would look so good in the part. Would Hollywood take him though?


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