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Justin Theroux on Iron Man 2

IronMan_FinalPoster.jpgJustin Theroux, the script writer for Iron Man 2 has given a bit of an update on where the film is. He also talks about how the cast change, with Don Cheadle coming in.

And how this affects the script he is working on. Turns out he's carrying on regardless really.

Justin Theroux is currently writing the script for Iron Man 2, having impressed Robert Downey Jr on Tropic Thunder. He is working hard on the script for the sequel, and spoke to UGO, through Coming Soon about what point he is at.

We’ve kind of got a first draft around. You know what I mean? I just got back from London where I was working with Robert and Kevin Feige. He was out there. We were talking with Robert, who’s out there doing Sherlock Holmes, he was giving his input and his notes. We’re sort of there. It’s just sort of chugging along. The crews, I think, are now starting to see what they need to make, and the places that we might be going and all the rest within the story. That’s sort of one of the more exciting times.

He also spoke a little bit about Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard as Rhodey. He makes it clear it was Marvel's decision, and he is writing the sequel in the same way as he would have before the change. And the size of the role hasn't changed because of it.

No, that’s all nonsense. Whatever their reason is, I’ll leave that up to Marvel. We’re writing the thing, virtually the same for Rhodey that we would for any actor. We’re really taking what’s going to be the most interesting story for the fans, and what are they going to enjoy watching. And who ever’s in that part is going to have to play that part and make it work for Jon (Favreau) and the fans who are watching the movie.

He is planning on meeting Don Cheadle though, and will then tailor the part more for Cheadle's style.

I think that will probably be something that comes up...I haven’t met Don, and I think I’m going to in a little bit and I think once I get a better sense of his voice and also hear what he has to say about what he likes about the character and just pick his brain a little bit, then we’ll obviously start to tailor it to him. Once he sort of gets more involved in the process then we’ll start tapering the length of his character...making it fit just right.

So Iron Man 2 is still moving along. Just as well really considering the timescales they are working to. And it will be interesting to see just how the role of Rhodey changes, from one film to the next.



This looks like it was all about the money and nothing more.

What people who price themselves highly don't realise is that if they don't get the job, they earn nothing. The person who puts in half what they did, earns way more because at the end of the job, they are paid.

(That's just a comparison by the way, I have no idea what the two actors were asking!)


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