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Killer Inside Me director swaps

EliasKoteas.jpgNot only has the director been swapped again for the big screen adaptation of The Killer Inside Me from Jim Thompson's novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), which I enjoyed reading, but there's a new name associated with the casting, and I think it's a better choice for the lead than Casey Affleck.

I don't really want to go into the plot just yet because the film version may change slightly and make the non-novel reveal into a big plot twist. So on with the casting and director story.

The word is that Elias Koteas has joined The Killer Inside Me, according to Bloody Disgusting, and joins Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba. I so hope that Koteas is going to be playing Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford, or the film equivalent of the novel's lead anyway, because judging by his previous performances he could really get that character.

For me Affleck is far too young for the role, but I fear he's the lead already, especially considering that Alba is on board, presumably as the love interest.

Anyway, they also have the news that the director has been changed again, this time to Michael Winterbottom, and what that says to me is that the production is stepping up a few notches. Previously we heard that the original announcement of Marc Rocco was incorrect and the producer was trying to get a retraction from Variety for the story, in fact he was talking to John Curran.

Regardless, Michael Winterbottom is now on the case and there's an interesting line up of names beneath him now.

One thing is very clear, Jessica Alba is trying to beef up her acting resume and trying to do more than just prance around in penguin pants. Oh I miss Dark Angel, I really do. Can't they make a film version of that?



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